Getting started with raspberry pi 3

I just purchased a new raspberry pi 3 for my personal projects and also I'm a newbie in the area. So in this blog I'll share how to setup a brand new raspberry pi. Prerequisite: Raspberry pi 3 5v power adapter or Smart phone adapter(not guaranteed with this solution… »

Executing raw SQL directly in Django

In Django most of the time we use model query API. But sometimes we need to run raw SQL queries directly. Raw SQL queries To perform raw sql queries we need start with importing django.db.connection into your python file. django.db.connection object is the system's default database… »

Write a Simple CLI Command using Symfony

Using Symfony framework developers can create various types of commands which can be executed by consoles. Symfony already provides lots of console commands, Like php app/console cache:clear or php bin/console doctrine:mapping:import --force AcmeBlogBundle xml. Now if we want to create a command like those for… »

JS number conversion to Bangla

Recently while working on a Bangla language based project, I had to make a tiny plugin which can convert regular numbers to Bangla numbers. I hope it will help saving people's time. Let's see the codes in action, toBangla function function toBangla (str) { //check if the `str` is not string… »