Getting started with raspberry pi 3

I just purchased a new raspberry pi 3 for my personal projects and also I'm a newbie in the area.
So in this blog I'll share how to setup a brand new raspberry pi.


  • Raspberry pi 3
  • 5v power adapter or Smart phone adapter(not guaranteed with this solution ) with micro USB power input cable
  • Class 10 micro sd card with minimum 8 Gb storage.
  • HDMI to HDMI or HDMI to VGA cable to connect to monitor
  • USB mouse and keyboard



  • First, go here and download the zip or the file you want
  • Then go here and download then install it
  • Connect your sd card with your PC
  • Run the installed app Etcher
  • Select the downloaded zip for burning the disk image and select the sd card for burning in it
  • Hit start button
  • After successfully completion, eject the card.
  • Now plug the SD card in pi3 board
  • Connect mouse, keyboard and HDMI cable
  • Connect the power adapter in power port
  • In the monitor you will see its setting up
  • After that, you are ready to go.

Voila, all things done.


If you want to connect your pi via ssh rather with UI, then

  • First connect the internet either with Ethernet or wifi
  • Then in the terminal run ifconfig to get your device ip address like
  • Then you need to initiate the ssh server
  • Enter sudo raspi-config in a terminal window
  • Select Interfacing Options
  • Navigate to and select SSH
  • Choose Yes
  • Select Ok
  • Choose Finish
  • Then go to your desktop open termial(Mac or Linux) or putty/git shell(windows user)
  • connect using ssh
  • Passoword is raspberry by default

And Voila you are connected!

That's all for this now, I'll share more after I learn new things. :)

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