git temporary Rollback to a commit

When working on large projects sometimes everyone needs to go back to previous stable release or commits and look into the codes. It can be done by simple one line command if you use git. git checkout a9ff0dd Here a9ff0dd is unique <hash> value. You can get your… »

'Spaceship' Operator <=> in PHP 7

The PHP development team already announced the new version of PHP 7.0.0 RC 5. It comes with many more new features, and I'm excited about one of the feature called Spaceship Operator <=>. Those who already knows PERL or RUBY programming basics may be familiar with this… »

How to query wildcard with whitespace in Solr

Recently my team is working on a project where it uses Apache Solr. It's very useful when an application's main feature is search since it's providing full-text search with many other interesting search features. But while working on it, we faced an issue that, we can't query wildcard with whitespace… »

Set Cookie on Cross Domains

If you want to set cookie on your domain, you can do this by few lines of codes just using JS. But the problem arises when you want to set cross domain cookie(s). Problem: Say, you have three domains. Now when someone enters… »